"A Collection of Polymer Clay Masks"

I'm proud to report that three of my polymer masks have been included in the newly published "A Collection of Polymer Clay Masks," by Sarajane Helm.  I received my autographed copy yesterday (thanks, Melanie!), and it is a creative tour de force.  

Here's my Amazon.com review:
"Imagine hundreds of masks, created by 150 different artists: many small enough to fit in your palm, others large enough to hang on a wall; all created from the same versatile medium: polymer clay. Imagine no more. This book is a wonder; as you turn the pages, you become immersed in the colors, shapes, textures and expressions of each mask--some fanciful, some frightful, some contemplative, all unique. Those of us who work in polymer are aware of the variety of effects we can achieve in the medium, but even we are often in awe of what can be done with it. With "A Collection of Polymer Clay Masks," Sarajane Helm has showcased the medium, the artists, and the creations around this single theme. It's a creative tour de force which won't disappoint; if you appreciate polymer art, masks, and creativity, you will surely enjoy this book."

These are my pages (99, 100, and 101)...I was thrilled to see that Sarajane chose to feature two of my pieces as full page illustrations!  I think they look great, and I really appreciate the way she positioned them among other artists who created masks with African features.

Page 99:  Angavu, Ancestress of Radiance ©Michelle Davis Petelinz
Private Collection

Page 100:  Najah, Ancestress of Success ©Michelle Davis Petelinz
8"x10" shadow box   $250

Page 101:  top left:  Oboto, Ancestress of Serenity © Michelle Davis Petelinz
Private Collection
Also featured is my friend and Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild founder, Jeanne Rhea, as well as other recognizable names in polymer clay, such as Kim Cavender, Katherine Dewey (whose mask graces the cover) and Marie Segal

Congratulations and thanks to Sarajane for all of her hard work and dedication in creating this book, which is a celebration of the creative abilities of polymer artists. 


Penny A said…
Congratulations, dear one! Your works are beautiful -- I was so glad to see/hold this encyclopedic collection of masks (a love we share), this evening! BRAVA! ...I can only wonder what will come next, with all of the irons you have in the fire ;-)