A Celebration of Color!

"A Celebration of Color
mixed media art by Jeanne Rhea and Michelle Davis Petelinz"
Art, food, wine and friends...what more could you ask for on a wintry December Friday night?

Jeanne Rhea and I had a wonderful time last night at our very first Raleigh First Friday exhibit.  Held in a space within The Blake Street Galleries, our work looked absolutely wonderful together, just as we thought it would. We greeted art lovers who were genuinely interested in learning about what we do--I think Jeanne explained the processes behind her ink paintings about 300 times, and I was asked about bamboo, hand cutting small shapes with large scissors, and how I choose my color combinations.  We made some sales, and even more connections, with possibilities for future opportunities to show our work.  Here are some shots of the "before" and during the show.  Enjoy.

Jeanne's room, "before"

Jeanne's ink painting magnets and larger pieces

Stan, measuring for the next mirror to hang

My mirror display, reflecting the handsome
photographer, Tribal Vibe II, and our delectable

My bamboo bowl wall hangings looked great on a white
gallery wall...a first!

Thanks to all who came!

I'm so used to seeing my work in my home and on our tent panels at shows, that I hadn't realized how different my work would look in a gallery setting.  Seeing the 15 bamboo bowls on a long expanse of white wall, and The Elements Series on a wall of its own was exciting!  They took on a museum-like feeling, and I enjoyed seeing people react to them.  And though I've had less than positive experiences with having my work in galleries (longtime Artventuring readers will recall a few, I'm sure), I do think it shows well. 
Who knows?  Perhaps as a result of last night: a contact made, a business card kept, a visit to my website or even this blog will result in another opportunity to try the gallery thing again.  Stay tuned. 


Jeanne Rhea said…
I enjoyed the event so much! So glad you followed up on the opportunity for us so I owe you many thanks!
Penny A said…
Wonderful review - your works are indeed (even more) stunning in this environment! I am so glad that this was such a positive (albeit experimental) experience for you both! Can't wait to see what's next :-D
Lisa said…
Great job and your work looked BEAUTIFUL in person.
Michelle said…
Thanks, Jeanne--it was a great evening, and we both learned a great deal.

Penny: We feel like we're kind of 'hooked' now on the gallery showing experience, and would do it again. We'll see what the new year brings....

Lisa: Thanks so much for coming, and for your kind words!