Thank You, Personally

Here are some handmade thank you notes I recently sent out to collectors who were nice enough to visit my booth at my last show in Charlotte, and to make a purchase.  Alyson Stanfield stresses the need to be personal with your collectors, and to send thank you notes in her fabulous reference book,  "I'd Rather Be In the Studio."  If you don't have a copy, and you're interested in a no-nonsense, step-by-step guide to marketing your art, I highly recommend it.    

Hand made cut paper collage thank you notes (handwritten inside too, of course!)

 Of course, these took a lot longer to make than using store-bought cards, but the personal touch says much more, I think. I hope these collectors appreciated the gesture, as well as the 25% off collector coupon code I enclosed with the note!

Heading back to the studio soon, though college applications for Jordan are taking precedence these days, with Early Decision deadlines looming at the end of this week.


Penny A said…
These are ever so lovely! I can only imagine the delight with which they were received by your collectors :-)
Michelle: These are wonderful! Great job. The recipients are lucky, indeed.
Michelle said…
Thanks, Penny and Alyson. The cards were fun to do, and being able to personalize the messages inside was a nice way to acknowledge the collectors' puchases.