Work in Progress: "Small Worlds" series mirror, day 4

More progress to show:

This is a closeup of what will be the top 8 'small worlds' of this mirror.  I'm liking how the limited color palette is working, and haven't run out of design ideas yet (which is a good thing, since I still have 4 more to do!)

And here's a shot of the whole mirror so far.  Do you have a favorite 'small world' yet?  I have a few, but I'm always interested to hear what others think.



Jeanne Rhea said…
I have lots that I like on this one. On the top photo, right side, top. Same photo, left side, second from bottom.

Bottom photo, left side---first three images down left side.
Right side second and third image.

Too many to list! I really like this one.
Michelle said…
Thanks, Jeanne. Some of my favorites are the ones you've mentioned. I'm on the last one right to come, of course.