Work in Progress: "Small Worlds" mirror, Finished!

Here is the mirror with all twenty of the "Small Worlds" completed.  I'm happy with the way they turned out, and agree with some Facebook friends about their favorites. My intent was for each section to appear to be its own little universe, with something inside which was similar to, but not exactly the same as any other, with my favorite motifs of spirals, waves and geometric shapes working together to create a cohesive whole.

At this point, it I moved on to the rectangular shapes.  I must confess that my first idea did not work.  It was frankly pretty awful.  That happens sometimes, and since I've been through this before (more often than I'd like to admit!), I just played around with various shapes and color combinations until I found what I think are just right, as you'll see below.

Drumroll, please!
Here is the finished mirror (without the mirror in it, for ease of photography).

What do you think? 

It was fun documenting the process here, and I think I'll do it again...what would you like to see next, hmmm?


Jeanne Rhea said…
I think it is my favorite! That's what I think.
Michelle said…
Thanks, Jeanne! And now that you've seen it 'in person,' and still think so, I thank you even more.