Show Report: Festival for the Eno, 2010

     You'll notice I've changed the Artventuring template again.  Although I liked the last one with the paint tubes background, it was very heavy, the sidebar configuration was cumbersome to work with, which always bothered me.  This new template's background is lighter, airier, and reminds me of my "Free Spirit" series of bamboo bowls.  I hope you'll find this design easier to read.

Festival for the Eno was two weekends ago.  It wasn't our best--that was last year, and luckily, it wasn't our worst.  It was somewhere near the bottom, though.  Saturday was our best day in terms of sales and weather.  During the next two days, the weather was hotter, and the buyers were fewer.  Was there a correlation between those two facts?  Maybe, but Eno is well known for being held on one of the hottest weekends of the summer.  We enjoyed the festival as we always do.  Here you see my son Jordan and Mathias, who visited us as an exchange student from France, wearing our cool new Kindred Spirit Studios t-shirts (which I designed on Zazzle, which is a great site).  We love Eno because we see artist friends we don't get to connect with during the rest of the year, catch up with customers from years past, and I always like meeting new people, and talking to them about my work.  Thanks to everyone who came by and said hello, and special thanks to my customers who now own a Kindred Spirit Studios creation!

I sold some of my new Quilt-Inspired mirrors at Eno.  People responded positively to them, including some quilters who said my designs reminded them of quilt patterns.  "Small Worlds I",  "Undersea Blues" and "Ablaze" now have new homes, as does one of my older bamboo bowls: "Savanna Sunrise". 

Looking ahead to my next show, which isn't until September, I will be working on some new additions to both the "Small Worlds" and the "Free Spirit" series, in both mirrors and wall hangings.


Kyra said…
Hello - Just learned of your blog - really enjoy your work!

Best, Kyra
Michelle said…
Thanks, Kyra. And I've read your Black Threads blog in the past, and learned lots about quilting, etc.