Happy July, and to the person who stole June: I want it back!

"Free Spirit III" 12-inch bamboo bowl, hand-tinted paper collage over acrylic paint, $50, available at Festival for the Eno, July 3-5, 2010
The title tells you just how quickly time is passing for me.  June was a dizzying whirlwind (and a very hot one here in North Carolina!) of creating new products, Guild events, teaching 3 weeks of art camps with Abrakadoodle, getting ready to welcome our French exchange student, and doing the final push in preparation for Festival for the Eno, which begins two days from now.

The 'old folks' used to say that time seems to go so quickly when you're an adult because you look ahead in smaller time frames than you did when you were a kid.  It does make sense; when you're a kid, you look forward to your birthday (months and months away, it always seems!); Christmas (wow, it's summer, and December is waaaaay at the end of the year!) or the end of school (oh man, it's only November, and school doesn't get out until June!).  When you're an adult, of course you still look forward to events, but usually they're much closer in focus:  my next show (in two days), our family trip to Washington, DC to show our French student all the monuments (in nine days), my son leaving with the French student for France (12 days), going to Boston to visit colleges with my son (30 days), having some time to myself (hmmm, just when is that again?!).  I'm not complaining; it's been a great summer so far, with more memorable things to come for all of us. 

"We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures." ~Thornton Wilder

So, conscious of and thankful for the treasures I have in my life, I'm venturing into the moments to come in July, fully alive and ready to go!

Oh, and if you're in the Durham, NC area this weekend, come visit me at Festival for the Eno.  Artventuring readers get a 15% discount on their Kindred Spirit Studios purchases!  See you there.