Show Report: Gosport Arts Festival '10

This was our second time at Gosport; we returned because of the outstanding show staff, the way they treat the artists and the great cause the show supports:  the Edmarc Hospice for Children.  We arrived on Friday late afternoon, and were able to relax a bit before the task of load in.  As a result, we were able to check into the hotel, get to our assigned show spot on the street, unload the car, park it and be ready to set up while others were still trying to find their locations.  Set up went well, but we decided to hang the work the next morning.  Saturday dawned hot, bright, sunny and extremely windy. Here are two shots of the booth, including the wall I devoted to the new Quilt-Inspired Mirror Collection.

The show opened at 10, but we made our first sale, of a mini clock at 9:40, since we were open and customers were already arriving.  We were hopeful this would be a good omen for the day.  It wasn't.  Our only other sale of the day came about 5 hours later; a small mirror. The booth looked great, people were coming in and making positive comments about it, but sales weren't happening.  Saturday at Gosport last year was the same. 

Sunday was sunny, much cooler and a bit less windy, and what a difference a day made!  We had many more sales as well as our largest sale of the show:  four Elements Series bamboo bowl wall hangings; Earth, Fire, Water and Wind.  The woman who purchased them said she has a perfect wall for all four, and she promised to send me a photo of them once they're hung. I'd always hoped the Elements would be sold together; I'd designed them with that in mind.  They now have a home together in Arlington, VA.  Thanks, Maritza!  So, what began as a dismal show turned into a pretty great one.  I'm excited about the season to come, and have an idea to revisit a product from about 5 years ago...details to come.


Jeanne Rhea said…
So glad the show turned out well! I am glad too that the Elements series of bowls were sold together. Yay for a good final day!
random notes said…
The colors on these pieces are fabulous. I esp. love the quilt inspired mirrors.
Michelle said…
@Jeanne: Yes, we were glad to see them go as a set; it certainly saved what was otherwise a very slow show for us.

@Jane: Thanks! I'm looking forward to finally meeting you next month at the Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild event.