Polymer Artists Showcase

left,:  Fertility Figure, Dayle Doroshow
center:  New Frida Bracelet, Sarah Shriver
right:  Textured Beads, Marcia Palmer

I'm excited to announce that three of my Ancestress Series masks have been included in the new book, Polymer Artists Showcase!  The subtitle of the book is:  'An inspiring collection of polymer art designs,' and inspiring it certainly is. Containing the work of 158 polymer artists, with 368 color photos, it is a 40-page tribute to the work and creative talent of artists whose efforts are sometimes unappreciated, and whose medium is often relegated to that of 'arts and crafts, ' or thought of as only for children.  When you see the mastery of the medium in the work of such artists as Sarah Shriver, Dayle Doroshow and Marcia Palmer, you'll wonder how a little package of clay could become something so wonderful. 

tejae floyde, who is an outstanding polymer artist herself, curated the collection.  She published it on Blurb, which is a fantastic site for creating professionally designed books of all descriptions. I assisted her a bit in the pre-production phase, and was happy to do so, since I think this project is a great idea.  My own work looks great in it,(on pages 7, 16 and 18) and I'm proud to have been included among so many other outstanding polymer artists.  As you know, my work is not "traditional" polymer art, so I was very pleased to have been included in this collection.

Go over to Blurb, take a look through the book, order a copy for yourself, and thanks for supporting the work of polymer artists.


Jillian said…
Great work and congrats on not only your continuing focused efforts but on your continuing growth as an artist. I am proud of you!!
Michelle said…
Thanks so much, Jillian. You'll be pleased to know your Ancestress of Serenity is featured on page 18, and she looks fabulous.
Ann Gorbett said…
Wow-Michelle, the variety and creativity in your work is fantastic. I also love blurb.com. I'm finding many similar interests in our blogs!!!