My First Demo!

It was a busy, out of the studio, art-filled weekend.

On Saturday, I volunteered alongside my fellow Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild members at the Chavis Community Center's Springfest 2010.  We made ATC with kids and some parents, too.  Before the heavy rain came with about an hour still to go, we had big fun with stickers, markers, pom poms, foam shapes and colorful paper. The kids had fun, and we did too.

On Sunday, I did my first demo on Paper Marbling at Jerry's Artarama in Raleigh.  Thanks to Christina for asking me, and thanks to Jeanne, Laurel and Maggi for stopping by.  I enjoyed meeting the people who came specifically to see the demo, and the ones who were just shopping and heard all the fun we were having, and joined us in the middle of the store.  My technique for marbling paper is a very easy one, which I highlighted in the demo description.  With just a few ingredients, and simple tools, you can create beautiful results!  Here I am with a paper just out of the marbling solution, the paper on the drying rack, and a purple solution ready for paper.

I enjoy teaching, and passing along tips and tricks I've learned to others, so they can use them too.  I met Linda, who may use the technique this fall, at a retreat for women cancer survivors.  As she said, although she's an oil painter, she can't give them paints and a canvas and promise them they'll be Cezanne in a week, but she can give them paints, Turpenoid, water and paper and promise them they'll create beautiful papers they can use in many ways.  I also met Jen, who said she would love to use the technique with her grandchildren.  This is a great project for kids; in fact, that's why I learned it--to use as a summer camp project with kids from 5 through 12.  I used papers the kids did on the advertisement for the demo--everyone was amazed to learn those very cool looking papers were done by elementary schoolers, until they did their own! 


Penny A said…
AWEsome! Looks/sounds like a good time was had by all -- hate I missed it (any way to make Raleigh closer to Fayettevile?!?)
Ophelia said…
I hate that I missed it!!! I bet you did fabulous...I sure wish I would have known!
Tammy Vitale said…
Love this picture - and how fun!