'Land and Sea' on Art Biz Blog!

What's nice about the blogosphere is that if you reach out and comment or otherwise participate on blogs you enjoy and find valuable, sometimes good things happen.

Case in point:  my Land and Sea bamboo wall hanging is the featured piece of art in today's Art Biz Blog post by Alyson Stanfield.  See it here

If you don't know about Alyson Stanfield and her fantastic blog, you should!  Alyson, a former museum curator and educator, is the author of "I'd Rather be in the Studio!," which is full of great information and tips about becoming successful at marketing your artwork.  She also speaks about the topic of art marketing, blogging and making artists more successful at what they do.  Longtime Artventuring readers will recall that I established an Art Marketing Salon, using Alyson's guidelines, in 2007.  This post describes our process. 

Land and Sea looks great, it's another informative post by Alyson, and I'm honored to have been featured.

Go see it, and comment!



Ann Gorbett said…
Hi Michelle: it's been a long time! I found your blog through Gary on FB. Great blog and beautiful work. I've read Alyson's book and loved it.
Michelle said…
Thanks, Ann. It's good to be in touch again. Love your work too...it's amazing what you do with a palette knife! 'Hope you'll stop by again, and thanks for your comments.