Happy Blogoversary: Artventuring turns 3 today!

As of today, I've been blogging for three years.  When I'm asked about the experience, I usually say it's been an interesting journey, into my own work, how other aritsts create, people that are inspiring to me and the creative process. 

Here's what I wrote on April 12, 2007 in my first Artventuring post: 
Today is the launch of what I hope will be an interesting, informative and enjoyable blog. I've been thinking of creating one for awhile, and have made a commitment to my Art Salon group to launch it, so here it is.

is my vision of the creative life; having adventures on the journey which is the creative process, and I love Maya Angelou's quote about it: "Life is pure adventure, and the sooner we realize that, the sooner we will be able to treat life as art."
Artventuring also means discovering talented people around the world who are engaged in creating beautiful things. Interviews to come, at least once a week.

I'll also share information about my own work; I create mixed media shadow boxes, masks, clocks and mirrors inspired by the colors, textures and symbols of Africa. (How's that for a 10-second introduction?) I sell my work primarily through art shows and festivals.

And, as the time approaches, I'll share the joys and challenges of being an art show promoter, as I prepare to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Festival Noir this December.

So, please join me in Artventuring; a journey of discovery.
And, on April 12, 2008:
One year ago today I wrote my first Artventuring post.

What's happened since then? I've learned a lot about blogging, my work and myself, and about the kindness of people I've never actually seen.

I've learned I need to write in the mornings, otherwise the post doesn't get done.

I've learned inspiration sometimes comes from the least likely places, and to recognize it when it does.

I've learned to ask for help and opinions (not the easiest thing for a true Virgo woman!), and to value what's given in return.

I've learned that the creative process is at once a solitary and collaborative one, and thanks to my readers, I've made some changes and taken some leaps which I wouldn't have, otherwise.

I've learned I enjoy exploring the world of art and sharing what I've found. And, though I've done fewer artist interviews than I'd first thought I would, I've found other ways to go "artventuring" around the web.

I've learned to get out of the little corner of the world I occupy, and seek new sources of inspiration and 'visual delights'...I'll be doing more of this in the coming year.

And, I'm astounded by Artventuring's reach; the most recent visitor from the farthest away lives in Brisbane, Australia (10, 065 miles from Raleigh, NC)! During the year, I've had visitors from just about every state in the US, Greece, Ireland, Germany, Macedonia (!), Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, the Netherlands, Canada, India and Italy, to name just a few.

After 365 days, 141 posts, 11,707 page views/visits, and over 300 comments, I realize this blog has become an important part of my creative life.
Last year, I had a giveaway to celebrate the day, and I hope Peggy is still enjoying the mini clock she won.

So, today, what can I say 1,095 days and many posts later?
I'm still fascinated by the places I've gone and the people I've met (both online and in person) while Artventuring; I still have to write posts in the morning (though I'm glad blogger now gives me the ability to write ahead and post later); and I'm still astounded by the generosity and creative vision of my readers.  My Kindred Spirit Studios fan page on Facebook has allowed me to reach an even larger audience, and it's been interesting to see where Artventuring's readers have come from, via the web and from previous posts.  How else would I be able to reach people living in Tehran, Sydney, New South Wales, or Jakarta (and these are just in the last 2 days)?

I'm looking forward to the next year and the visual delights, creativity and discovery it will hold.

Thank you for joining me along the way, and stay tuned!