New Year, New Look

I've been considering changing the look of Artventuring for a while, but couldn't find a new template I liked.  Well, thanks to Tina, from Your Daily Muse News blog, I found the Blogger Styles site.  After looking through 47 screens filled with templates, I settled on this one.  I love the style, the colors and the black background, of course.  It reminds me of my own work (which is probably why it shouted out to me among the many others I saw).  The transition was very simple, and I was even able to tweak some of the colors and fonts in the original html.
I'm happy with the new look.

What do you think?

Next up:  New Year, New Work...I promise!


Ophelia said…
LOVE the look of your blog Girlfriend...So colorful and exciting....and your studio mascot ROCKS!!
Wish we lived closer to play!
Michelle said…
Thanks, Ophelia! She does, when she's not she is right now.
We can play anytime--let's try for a date.
Tony Anders said…
Nice template! _ I too did some blog cleaning for the new year! If you are in tehneighborhood - Please drop in!
Jeanne Rhea said…
It is snazzy and fits your look well. I have not been here for a few days so just now saw the new look.