New Work: Mixed Media Mirrors

As promised, here are some quick shots of what I've been working on.  These mixed media mirrors have MDF bases,  4"x4" mirrors with textured polymer clay frames, and hand-tinted paper decoupage collages.  While I haven't done mirrors exactly like these before, I have used the collage technique on wood boxes, about 4 years ago, like the one at left.  Stan says this is a completely recycled or "green" product, since the MDF is made of wood shavings and castoff wood, I use clay scraps left over from other, larger projects, many of the colored papers are also from other projects, and the mirrors are from some wood mirrors we no longer use (due to splitting seams).  So, here's my salute to being green.  Enjoy!


These mirrors are fabulous Michelle! I love your choice of colors and the designs are wonderfully alive!
Michelle said…
Thanks, Cindy. Some of them seem to have an Asian influence, others a Native American one; I always say I'm inspired by the world.

Thanks for stopping by.