Thoughts on Creativity

My creative impulse is not very strong at the moment, but the first glimmers of a new idea have been forming at the edges of my mind as I'm doing other things.

I'm heading into what is usually a very creative time for me; when I develop new designs and ideas for new products for the new year ahead.  I usually spend the time just before immersing myself in what I like to call "visual delights", some of which I've shared on this blog.  Today, I'll share a written "delight" on creativity:

" Creativity is really the structuring of magic." ~Anne Kent Rush

I really love that!  Anne Kent Rush is the author of a number of books on Yoga and massage, and I smiled when I read her quote.  

Perhaps that's why creativity seems at once fleeting and always there--at its core, it's magic.

I'm off to have a day filled with magic, and I hope you will, too. 


Tammy Vitale said…
Michelle - I have to steal that quote - can't help it! xo
Erin Butson said…
Love that quote! Itis like magic, isn't it? You work is stunning. I love it!
Erin Butson said…
It is like magic, isn't it! Love that quote. Your work is stunning. I lvoe it.
Michelle said…
Thanks for your comment, Erin--it's always nice to hear!