August's Magical Musings....

"Fire II" bamboo bowl wall hanging, $200
It's mid-August, most of the summer's gone; school begins again in 11 days, and the weather's still hot, hazy and humid.

It's been an interesting summer for me and my work in many ways, with exciting beginnings, disappointing endings, and transitions of various kinds. Looking ahead, I'm preparing for our last show of the season in Charlotte next month, completing my wholesale order for the shop in Baltimore, working on new designs and new opportunites which have yet to present themselves.

Will it be teaching again? Participating in group shows? A retreat? A one-woman show? Volunteering? Organizing events? Something else?

I'm open to the possibilities.

That's the first step. Being watchful for them when they present themselves, then taking advantage of them...that's when the magic can begin.

I'm hopeful, open and watchful...waiting for the magical....

I'll let you know when it arrives.


tammy vitale said…
Hi Michelle - so great to hear from you! Love: that's when the magic begins. Yes indeed! I'm running off today to check out a retreat center - am planning on creative retreats in 2010 (wow, can you believe 2010 is almost here?!). Looks like all is on the right path for you. xo
tammy vitale said…
Ok - what shop in Baltimore? Daughter is going to teach me to ride the train off 97 so I don't have to drive into downtown (which I hate doing), so soon I can go look!

As for possibilities: I'm interviewing Molly Gordon on my blog tomorrow , Thurs and Fri- anyone who comments gets a freebie and a chance at her next telesummit for free - be sure to come on by and leave a comment!