Show Report: Festival for the Eno '09...I Won First Place!

The Elements Series: 'Water', 18-inch bamboo wall hanging, acrylic paint over paper, with metallic accents.

Our 6th Festival for the Eno was great. The weather was fine for two of the three days (the final day dawned cloudy, drizzly and cool, but the weather didn't stop people from coming out). As in years past, people were very complimentary about my work whether they purchased something or were just looking; show management was efficient and receptive; and our fellow artists showed excellent work and were friendly and helpful. Despite dire predictions, our sales were very good: they exceeded our lowered expectations due to the economy and the fact that summer's not the peak season for gift-buying. In fact, this year's Eno was among our very best. Inexplicably, we sold more large, expensive pieces than my smaller, less pricey pieces! If you'd told me that would be the case before the show, I'd have thought you were a dreamer or crazy, or worse.

I displayed 7 of my large bamboo wall hangings, and sold 4 of them. That's never happened before. The response to the new 'Elements Series' was very positive, and 'Water' now has a new home, as do three others of my favorites...time to get working to make more!

On Friday, two judges visited each booth to discuss the work and our various techniques. When it was my turn, I had an enjoyable conversation with them (I could tell they were both artists, too) about why I do what I do, and some of the processes I use to get my desired effects. After they left, I thought it had gone well, but didn't really think any more about it (too busy selling!).

On Saturday afternoon, I was visited by the show director and exhibits manager, who announced I had been awarded 1st Place in the 3-D category! The award includes a generous check, and a free booth for the 2010 Festival for the Eno. Wow. I was thrilled; it was my first category win (I had previously been chosen as an Honorable Mention artist at the 2008 Festival in the Park in Charlotte). Here you see me and my certificate which we displayed in the booth for the rest of the Festival.

It feels wonderful to have my work recognized and rewarded by fellow artists, and everyone who came by to congratulate me said very nice things. I'm proud, I'm grateful, and I'm happy...and I'm also heading back into the studio to get ready for my next big (actually HUGE) show: Artscape, Baltimore, which will be in less than two weeks. No time to rest on laurels right now...I'll savor it later.


Theresa said…
Way to go Michelle! You're artwork is fabulous, just like you: creative, original and colorful! Love ya! Theresa Ellerby
Jeanne Rhea said…
Congratulations! I am so happy you and your work received such recognition!

Beautiful piece.
creativegoddess said…
Congrats, Michelle! That is awesome!!