A Sale, A Site, Two Shows, and It's the Season

Various things to report:

1. I had my first sale at (R)evolving Arts Gallery! Just a week after I'd delivered my work, Julie sold my 'Retro Round Clock, Red, Teal and Copper'. The check arrived in the mail early last week, and it was a very nice surprise. We're hoping it's just the beginning of a great relationship with the gallery, with lots more sales to come.

2. Speaking of (R)evolving Arts, the website is up! Photos from the site of the space are at left. The site is still a work in progress, not all the pages have been populated, but my page is here.

3. I'm getting work ready for my two shows in July: Festival for the Eno, in Durham, NC on July 4th weekend (our 6th consecutive year, the festival's 30th!), and Artscape, Baltimore, two weeks later (our 2nd time; 2006 was the first). I'll post photos of my new work soon, but if you can't wait, click on over to my Facebook fan page, here.
4. And, it's camp season again. Today's my first day of 'Fantastic Female Artists' camp. So, my mornings will be spent doing my own work to get ready for next month's shows, and in the afternoons, I'll be teaching camp programs. So, if I don't post again for awhile, you'll know why!
Have a great, creative week.


Lori said…
Busy is good! (-: