Indie Business Breakfast

June promises to be an interesting month here in North Carolina. For the first time in Raleigh, there will be an Indie Business Breakfast, hosted by the Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild (CMMAG). On Saturday, June 6th, the topic will be:

How to Use Social Media to Leverage Your Brand and Attract More Paying Customers For Your Business!

From the promotional release:

"Lisa Stewart, CREATIVEGoddess of ECStewart Designs in Raleigh will be the featured speaker. She is an award winning designer and illustrator who, along with her husband and business partner, creates an extensive line of sophisticated images that are licensed on all kinds of elegant home accessories and personal products designed to enhance the lifestyle of the sophisticated customer. Lisa is a graduate of Western Michigan University's School of Graphic Design and Fine Arts.Through the years, Lisa and her husband have become intimately familiar with the challenges artists and crafters face when seeking to make the most of the financial opportunities that flow from their gifts. Lisa and her work have been featured in dozens of magazines and news outlets. Lisa will share from her experience and answer your questions about everything from maximizing online sales to achieving favorable publicity. If you want to learn how to use free and low cost social media tools to entrench your brand in your niche market, you need to follow Lisa's lead! She can help you turn your artistic talent into a vehicle that will help you enjoy your craft while also living a lifestyle you have always dreamed of."
About Indie Business

"Indie Business is where independent business owners connect, collaborate and succeed. We share tips and how-tos, and use the latest branded new media tools to create new relationships and expand our spheres of influence. Indie Business Breakfast is hosted by Donna Maria Coles Johnson, founder and president of the Indie Beauty Network and Indie Business Media. Known as the Chief Executive Indie and the Original Lifestyle CEO, Donna Maria is passionate about empowering people to maximize their potential through small business ownership. You can follow Donna Maria’s entrepreneurial journey at You can also connect with her on Twitter at and on Facebook at"

I'll be attending the breakfast, wearing both my CMMAG Vice President's hat as well as my Kindred Spirit Studios hat ('haven't quite figured out what to wear to set both of them off!), and will have a piece of work on display. I'll be very interested to learn how else to use social media, and whether Twitter makes any sense at all (right now, I'm in the 'why in the world would anyone want to know I'm eating a salad for lunch?' camp) for my business. But these days, every little thing which can help with marketing, promotion and sales is much appreciated!

If you'll be here in Raleigh, or can make the trip, registration for the breakfast, which will be held at the John P. "Top" Green Neighborhood Center is here.

See you there!


Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting this event. I hope that it was insightful and encouraging to small biz creatives.