Off to Charlotte!

The work is finished, the car is packed, everything's been crossed off our's our first show of the season: Art and Soul of South End, Charlotte. This will be our third time participating in this little gem of a show, held on Camden Street in downtown Charlotte.

Here are some of the new things I'll be displaying, including 12-inch Retro Round clocks, 8-inch mini clocks, and our newest mirror design. This will also be the first show we're doing under our new business name, which meant changing everything from booth signage to tags, to giveaways. It'll be interesting to see if people who remember us from other years do a double-take as they enter the booth. And as always, it'll be great to see if people on the mailing list bring in or mention their postcards they received early this month. That 20% discount could come in handy, these days!

The weather's going to be perfect, and I hope it'll be another great outing for us in Charlotte; one of my favorite places for art shows. So, if you're in the area, come by and say hello!
Have an artful weekend, whatever you do.


Lucy said…
How did the post card/discount work?? That's a great idea! I like how you sent them out before the show as a reminder that you'll be back and to look for you! Do you have pics of your booth? Love to see them!
Michelle said…
My mailing list/postcard discount marketing program worked well. I had four people (out of about 40) either bring in their card or mention it. All of them are regular Charlotte customers (love them!!), and two made purchases. I do this before each show in Charlotte, and every time I see an increase in those who remember my card. It does take a while to work, but I've kept at it.
Booth photos to come!