Reader Favorite:

As promised, here's one reader's favorite online "art things". Thanks to Toni, I now know about, and can share with you The site is full of lessons on everything from shading, to symmetry, to cartooning. Here's just a sample, from a lesson on transferring images:

"A telltale sign of a professional artist is the ability to render a neat, clean
artwork. Yet, quite often in early stages of the creative process, a potential
masterpiece becomes irreparably smudged, soiled, or damaged. This wonderful
simple technique shows you how experienced artists transfer the primary components of a drawing (or other image) to a fresh clean sheet of paper. As an aside, this technique is unknown to many students of art, but is certainly not new; in fact, it can be traced (pun intended) back to the great masters of the Renaissance."

I love learning about new resources. Thanks for the tip, Toni!