Reader Favorite: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Reader Jillian says Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is among her favorite "art things." Here's how she put it:
"It's quite a challenge to come up with one thing; we all have so many favorites in so many areas. I will have to choose my favorite book though, as this one has been my constant companion ever since I can remember and I keep it by my bedside still: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking
by Lewis Carroll with the original illustrations. My memories of reading it with my Dad, of quoting passages with my family, of reading it to my children, and of browsing through many beautifully illustrated new versions, keeps it fresh in my heart. The perfection of the language, the cadences, the
utterly delightful, naughty, innocent, wry, brilliant humor, the sheer madness of it all; nothing better to cheer one up. For those readers who may not have
dipped into it in many years, give it a try! I think it may sound particulary wise in a topsy- turvy sort of way, in these trying times we are living through."

My own memories of the book revolve around my paternal grandmother, who read it to me when I was very young. I haven't read it myself...maybe I should! Thanks for the contribution, Jillian, and good luck!