Blogoversary: Countdown to a Giveaway!

I just realized my 2nd year Blogoversary is in less than a month! I'll skip the 'time flies when you're having fun' references, and say that it's been an interesting 2 years for me and my work. So, to commemorate this event, I'm going to have a giveaway contest with a twist.

One lucky blog reader will win the mini clock of his or her choice. The winner will be selected from all entries received by April 13, 2009 (the day after my Blogoversary, since it falls on a Sunday). How do you enter? Ah, that's the twist!

Entries will consist of comments logged on this post which include a favorite online "art thing" you'd like to share with me and my readers.
That "art thing" could be an image, a cool website, a book, another blog, a quote, or anything else you consider a favorite. That's it. The winner will choose among the three clocks above, which all run on one "AA" battery, which is included. You may enter as many times as you wish, one favorite "art thing" to an entry. I'll share some of your favorites in future posts.
So, send in your favorite "art things" and maybe you'll be the winner of one of my newest creations!
Stay tuned....


Penny L. Arrowood said…
WOW -- only one per entry >:-?

Well, ONE of my MOST favorite "art things" is the Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild ( A wild and wonderful group of artists who thrive in the creative company of one another; giving and growing together as they learn more about what they love along with new things to fashion into their respective mediums.

I look forward to the favorites of your other readers -- Happy Anniversary, my friend!

- p
I'm Toni said…
Since Miss Penny mentioned the CMMAG, I'll tell you about Drawspace ( This is an amazing site of art lessons of every kind for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced artist - all for free.

Whoever wins will be lucky indeed - I know because I happen to be the proud owner of a piece of your art - I have your Christmas ornament from the CMMAG exchange!Happy Anniversary, Michelle!
Jillian said…
Michelle, what a wonderful idea to gather together your friends' "favorite art things" to celebrate your Blog Anniversary. This way we can all share the fun and glean lots of new ideas and references.
It's quite a challenge to come up with one thing; we all have so many favorites in so many areas. I will have to choose my favorite book though, as this one has been my constant companion ever since I can remember and I keep it by my bedside still: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll with the original illustrations. My memories of reading it with my Dad, of quoting passages with my family, of reading it to my children, and of browsing through many beautifully illustrated new versions, keeps it fresh in my heart. The perfection of the language, the cadences, the utterly delightful, naughty, innocent, wry, brilliant humor, the sheer madness of it all; nothing better to cheer one up. For those readers who may not have dipped into it in many years, give it a try! I think it may sound particulary wise in a topsy- turvy sort of way, in these trying times we are living through.
Peggy said…
My current favorite art thing is a book called "Material World," which was published several years ago and is still powerful. Peter Menzel found a statistically average family in every country, and then photographed each family with all their possessions in front of their home. The photo essays were then arranged in order of wealth. This book changes how you feel about what it takes to live in the world.
Amy said…
One favorite thing is hard to come up with. I have too many. So, I will share my favorite art thing that I discovered today. Somehow, I stumbled on to this blog of photos of abandoned old medical facilities. Creepy and beautiful all at once.
Lucy said…
Congratulations Michelle on two years of blogging! I'm sure it's been a rewarding experience. As far as favorites on the web--I have lots but for purpose of this post, I'll share this flickr group: they have tons of images to use in your artwork--I save them to a file on my computer for copyright free images-then experiment in photoshop with them. I don't use a lot of images in my art right now, but I have a bazillion saved just in case :)
Jean Skipper said…
Happy Anniversary, Michelle!

It may be a bit obvious; but my daily favorite is . Yes my store, is there; but it's also a great source of advice, inspiration, and community.

Here's to many more happy years of blogging and creating!
~debbie said…
Happy Anniversary, Michelle! What a great idea for a celebration. You are giving us all gifts!

Since Penny chose my fave for sure, I'll share my most recent place to relax, linger and learn. If you go to the "Top Posts" there are lots of fun things to learn. Thanks to Nanette for sharing it with me!

Anonymous said…
Well, what I think about that is that you deserve a gig CONGRATS for always having an interesting site and oh, la, la the work. Beautiful.
I am a member of the Itty Bitty Book Club " ittybittybook club". This address will let you enjoy Mary Ann's follow your bliss and then off to the itty bitty book club. This gal is another wonder.
Love to win the clock. Thanks so very much for the opportunity to share and to receive.
Truly, Marjorie
Marjorie Jumisco said…
Made a wee mistake. My name is Marjorie Jumisco, email:
Michelle said…
Thanks, everyone! Check back periodically, to see my Reader's Favorites posts which highlight the places you've suggested.