New Work: Sinuous Rhythms Series

As promised, here are my two newest bamboo wall hangings, from the Sinuous Rhythms Series. They represent a bit of a departure from my other work, though they still include the mixed media basics of acrylic paint and metallic inks combined with polymer clay elements. As I began to think about this new series, I found myself attracted to images of raku pottery, like the work of Kerry Gonzalez; natural and painted gradations of color and colors enhanced by areas of black. The circular format is a constant challenge for me; solving the problem of how to design effectively for a circle is part of the allure of these wall hangings. And, the series name, Sinuous Rhythms seems to fit the design. Do you agree? There will be more in the series, as I explore more variations on this theme.


Jeanne Rhea said…
Wow! You are really on a roll. Love the one on the right. The name is perfect for them.
Penny said…
These are STUNNING! I love where your work is going, lately; and can't wait to see more in this series. Beautiful :-)
- p