New Work: Landscape Wall Hangings

Posting has taken a back seat to creating, which is a good thing, since I'm trying to effectively use this "off time" before my show season begins. Here are two of my newest pieces. "Savanna Sunrise" and "Sahara Landscape". They're both 18" bamboo bowls, with textured polymer clay elements. On "Sahara Landscape," I experimented with using torn, crinkled tracing paper, decoupaged to the surface of the top and bottom sections, then painted over with acrylics and glazes. The resulting texture and depth work well, I think. And, as in much of my work, the spirals appear here as a symbol of nature's powerful cycles and patterns and the flow of movement.
For "Savanna Sunrise," I used textured polymer clay to create the internal arcs of the sunrise as well as the rocks under the surface of the ground; my first foray into a more representative rendering of a scene.
On the drawing board: yet another direction for wall hangings. Stay tuned.