Out of Many, We are One

This photographic montage says it all. Out of Many, We Are One. In the words of the photographer, Anne C. Savage:
"Everytime I photographed a Barack Obama rally the size and diversity of the crowds moved and amazed me. I spoke to so many people who all spoke of unity and inclusion. Barack Obama said at his acceptance speech, "This election has never been about me. It's been about you." His message has inspired so many to be involved and to dare to hope. These are their faces. This is their voice."

As I watch the images during this historic day, I'm reminded of the rallies I attended and worked, the voters I met, the other volunteers I worked with, the Obama campaign staffers; always enthusiastic, focused and determined; the buttons I sold and wore, and throughout, the hope I held that maybe, just maybe the United States would do what was unimaginable such a short time ago; vote for a positive future, regardless of the package it came in.

Hope Won.
We All Won.
Now the real work begins.
Congratulations, Mr. President.