Kindred Spirit Studios

Greetings! I'm pleased to share the following, which is the text of an email I've just sent:

The original idea behind my company, Jordan’s Treasures, came from a suggestion my mother made 13 years ago, as I'd been searching for Afrocentric art and children’s furniture for my two-year-old son’s room. Since he was about to start potty training, I especially needed a small stool, but just couldn't find one. When Mom suggested I create something myself, a light bulb went off. I hadn’t thought of doing anything like that before, but it felt just right. Thus, Jordan’s Treasures was born. At the beginning, I hand painted children’s stools, chairs and tables, then later, desk accessories, all with an Afrocentric flair.

As the business evolved, and my interests changed, I began working with ceramic tile, wood, polymer clay, and handmade papers to create wall hangings, floor cloths and decorative mirrors. Currently, I use a variety of media to embellish my masks, shadow boxes, wall pieces and clocks, with designs inspired by African motifs, patterns and colors.

And now, to better reflect the direction my work has taken (no further need of tiny furniture, since Jordan is now 15 and over 6 feet tall!*), and to encompass the work/life partnership with my husband Stan, Jordan’s Treasures has become Kindred Spirit Studios.
Please join us in celebrating our new company by visiting our new website where you will see images of my newest work, our 2009 show schedule, and soon, examples of Stan’s work too.

This is the culmination of about a year's worth of deliberation, soul-searching and trial-and-error. Ironically, the perfect name presented itself to me when I received an invitation to an art show a couple of months ago. The invitation contained the word kindred, which instantly resonated with me, and I believe the definition of 'kindred spirit' as:
"...someone who shares similar thoughts, feelings, someone who is close in temperament and nature to yourself, to whom you have a rare spiritual link that is very special and you can't quite explain."

quite accurately describes Stan and me. Kindred Spirit Studios is the new name for what we've been doing for years; collaborating on projects in our side-by-side studios, supporting each other's work, and developing as artists together. Here's hoping it will continue to be a fruitful endeavor for us both. As always, I'll keep you posted on what's new. Stay tuned.

*Additional Jordan Note: He is now very relieved to never again be asked: "So, are you the artist?," and to not turn around when someone says "Look! Jordan's Treasures, that's you!," only to discover a father talking to his 4-year old daughter.


Jeanne Rhea said…
So nice to see Stan's work (and more of it as paintings are added). Love the name.