Our Moment is Now, Part Two

In my original "Our Moment is Now' post, written the day after Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination for president, I wrote: "I am joyful. I am proud. I am hopeful. And, I will work to see that the joy, pride and hope felt now will continue through the election in November, and on to Barack Obama's inauguration on January 20, 2009."

So today, after volunteering by canvassing in the drizzle and pouring rain yesterday, culminating with taking a man to the polls so he could vote for the first time, I am even more joyful, proud and hopeful.
What Barack Obama's election means to the world, the country, and my own family is immeasurable. Many thought this day would not come in their lifetimes, and my thoughts as I watched history being made last night was of the people who didn't live to see this day.

I believe our future as a country is now more hopeful; our position in the world is now more positive, and now, when young Black children think about what they can aspire to, they can look to Barack Obama and see the dream embodied.
Hope Won.


Jeanne Rhea said…
I share your joy and hope! It is a new day for the country---and the world.