Work in Progress

Here's a sneak peek at one of the new things I'm working on for Festival in the Park. It's a bamboo bowl wall hanging which combines my decoupage leaf design with the design for the Habitat for Humanity chair I just completed. As you can see, I've only got the background and the leaf design done so far. Three polymer clay animals will 'swim' in the center portion, and I may add metallic pen detailing in the water--I'll have to see how the turtles and frog look on the water and then decide. This hanging came together in my mind as I was completing the chair; 'hey, what if I did a version of this design on a bowl?' I love those 'what if' moments; they're very often the beginning of an exploration into a new design or direction for my work.
Time to get back to it...more later.


tammy vitale said…
Love the chairs! Love the bowl! Exciting stuff going on there! I'm jealous. I'm in the doldrums...but I know it'll go away eventually. thanks for the great comment on my blog - that text is perfect for that post