Show Report: Festival in the Park

Last weekend's Festival in the Park was fun and disappointing at the same time. The best thing was receiving my very first show ribbon: an Honorable Mention ribbon for my body of work (as opposed to other awards given for a specific piece). I usually feel out of the running at most shows, since there's never a mixed media category for awards; we're always lumped into the 3-D category with sculpture, dolls, etc., so to receive this was a thrill!

The second bit of excitement was that one customer brought her 20% discount postcard to the show--another first! Here, you see our moment of rejoicing. She also brought her niece and a friend, who purchased one of my tri-mirrors. I gave her the discount too (of course!), and thanked them all for being great, repeat customers. I sold very few pieces at this show; the news of Wall Street's woes had just broken the day before the show opened, gas was over $4 a gallon when it was available, and people were noticeably hesitant to spend money. Understandable, of course, but frustrating nonetheless. But, as always, Charlotte was a fun place to be, and people were very complimentary about my work. This year, we actually got a chance to see a bit of the city since we didn't have to open our booth until late afternoon on Friday. We visited the Red Sky Gallery, and had a wonderful time browsing among its four floors of contemporary crafts. We bought a pair of glorious wine goblets which look fabulous in our display of glass and pottery.
So, it was a good weekend despite its disappointing sales. Now, I'm looking forward to a long stretch of creative time; new products, new processes, new adventures...'can't wait!


Jeanne Rhea said…
Copngratulations! I can imagine how bad it can be with the bad news---but like your previous post---we might as well just put one foot in front of the other and persevere as that is the only way to make things any better.
Lori said…
We're all clutching our pennies a little tighter these days, aren't we? Unfortunately, I don't think we've seen the worst yet, as far as the economy is concerned.

So sorry we missed your event though. These days we stay tired, broke and busy (smile). Maybe next time. I still plan to add one of your boxes to my collection one of these good ole days.