My chair's new life

Today I went to visit my chair's new location; The Cupcake Shoppe in downtown Raleigh. At first glance, the shop didn't seem like the ideal location for the African theme I'd used; it has an old-fashioned feel, complete with an ancient-looking cash register you might have seen in a general store in the 1940's. The Habitat for Humanity benefit organizer had said it looked great in the shop, since they had a lovely fall display, and she was right. The owner of the shop said they've had many compliments and inquiries about the chair; people wondering whether it's for sale. She's directing them to the website, which gives information about the benefit auction on Saturday, October 11.
It was great to see it outside my studio, and I'm looking forward to attending the auction, seeing if it sells, and for how much. I'm also eager to see the other artists''ll be a fun evening.