Happy September!

Wellesley College "Fall Lampost," by Howard Wang, Flickr
I was greeted this morning by the news that my studio is featured today on Libby Mills's blog: Libzoid Blog. I did the interview questions and took the studio photographs in July. It was interesting to think about the things she asked, and it's fun to see other artist's workspaces on her blog; this feature is a regular one for her. If you'd like your studio space featured, contact Libby here.

Since my birthday's in September, it's always been my favorite month. When I was growing up in New York, and later at Wellesley, it meant the start of Fall; going back to school just after Labor Day, beautiful foliage (which is probably why I'm partial to Earth-toned colors in my work), crisp air, and even crisper leaves underfoot. Apple pies, thick vegetable soups and warm sweaters complete the picture in my memory. Now, in North Carolina, we have to wait for another month, sometimes two, for all that to happen. In September here, we're just as likely to have a continuation of June, July and August weather, well into the month.

Having dropped off my Earth's Abundance Chair at the Habitat for Humanity benefit sponsor's location (Purple Armchair, in downtown Raleigh), and sent off my wholesale order on Saturday, I'm now free to begin work on stock for Festival in the Park, which begins in 16 days.

Back to it...enjoy your holiday, and the whole wonderful month!


Jeanne Rhea said…
Congratulations on being featured on Libby's blog. I can see why you are so productive in your studio!
Michelle said…
Thanks, Jeanne. I do love it. You'll have to come over for a visit soon.