Still Working...

Midweek has passed, and I'm still working on the first of two new MDF clocks. As usual, life has intervened, preventing me from finishing as I'd planned. Also, I've encountered problems with both designs. This doesn't happen often, I suppose because I usually design each piece fully before dipping my brush into paint, or hands onto clay. For these, I didn't do that; I had an idea for each, and just plunged right in. (very un-Virgolike, I know!) And now, I'm having to deal with the results of that spontaneity, and fix what's not working. One solution has lead me to a new shape for the polymer clay clock face. The other fix, yet to be done? I have no idea...yet.

I'm learning to embrace the adventure of mistakes and fixes. As I tell my young art students: there are no mistakes in art; everything can be changed or made to work.

So, the adventure continues, as does the learning, which is what it's all about.