New Work

As yet unnamed bamboo bowl wall hanging. 18" diameter, acrylic paint, textured polymer clay, metallic gold ink. $200

Happy July!

For me, that means getting ready for one of our favorite shows: Festival for the Eno. Set up day is tomorrow, the show is Friday through Sunday, the weather forecast is for hot and dry, then possible storms on Sunday...just about like every other year. This is our 5th year, and I'm looking forward to seeing some old customers and hopefully, some potential new customers to whom I've sent discount postcard invitations (mention you've seen this post, and you'll get the 20% off, too!).
Here is my newest piece; another bamboo bowl wall hanging.

Back to work, more soon.


Delta said…
Your work just gets better and better! I love the colors and the lines on this new piece. Good luck at the show.
Michelle said…
Thanks, Delta! I'm always striving for new and better...just like an artist, right?! Thanks for stopping by.
Jeanne Rhea said…
Sure hope you had a good show!

We missed you at the CMMAG meeting last night.

Lovely bowl.