This and That

"Nubian Landscape" 18" bamboo bowl wall hanging, with acrylic paint and polymer clay embellishments. $200

It's almost summer by the calendar, and full-blown summer by the thermometer here in North Carolina, which means I'll be creating new pieces for Festival for the Eno on July 4th weekend, and preparing to teach various art-related camps in two locations. My first two camps are next week, so I probably won't post again until the following week.

Meanwhile, here are some updates:
My work was not accepted into the Piedmont Craftsmen group in Winston-Salem, NC. I have to say though, that their rejection email was the most positive, encouraging and informative I've ever received. Here are two excerpts:
'The organization of Piedmont Craftsmen appreciates the time, effort and investment you put forth in submitting your work for review. Although you are not receiving an invitation to continue the jury process, we are pleased to extend you an individual Supporting Membership for one year....
.Again, I want to encourage you to try again next year. Do not be discouraged as many of us, including myself and several others on the Standards Committee, did not pass the image jury process the first time. I wish you a successful year ahead, and thank you for your interest in Piedmont Craftsmen. If you have any questions or want suggestions, please feel free to email me....'
Other organizations should be as supportive. I truly appreciate the time and care it took to write such an email, and I believe the sentiments expressed in it. Unlike when my work has been rejected by other shows or organizations, this time I will definitely consider applying again, and may even email the Standards Committee Chair, to ask for suggestions on how to improve my presentation to the next jury.

The next week, my work was accepted for inclusion in Festival in the Park, in Charlotte, NC, in September. I'm excited about this; last year's show was a very good one for us, and I've got lots of names on my mailing list from Charlotte, which I hope will result in some repeat business.

And, because I always need help in this area of the business, I'll be participating in a free teleseminar this afternoon entitled, "Brag! About Your Art," by Author Peggy Klaus BRAG! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn without Blowing It. It's part of Alyson Stanfield's series of resources for artists--thanks again, Alyson!

Have a day to brag about.