Not Quite my Name Up in Lights, But...

Pretty cool, nonetheless.
As a result of an extensive interview given by our Carolina Mixed Media Guild's President, Secretary and Treasurer, a piece of mine was chosen for inclusion in the illustrations accompanying the article. The piece appears in a monthly publication called 'Bootleg Magazine,' which is published in Wilmington, NC. The article, entitled 'The Mosaic of Mixed Media' was written by Pamela Manasco, whose introduction on the first page ends with: "The recipe for making a piece of mixed media art is complex, but here's a shot at describing it: find something you love. Surround it with other precious things. Tell a story. Make art."
I think that says it quite well.
Thanks to Laurel, Penny and Jeanne, and to Bootleg Magazine.
Najah, Ancestress of Success looks great, and I'm honored to have my work in print.