New Work

I've been working on producing product for the Piccolo Spoleto Festival in Charleston, South Carolina later this month.

Here are two of what I hope will become a series of 14"x 20" mirrors. I've used my leaf/pod design, hand-tinted paper decoupaged onto the acrylic painted wood mirrors. Though the photos are just quick ones I snapped in the studio, I think you can see the gradation of colors in the background (a bit better in the orange than the blue, I admit!). I think the leaves work well, and the empty areas at the bottom prevent them from being predictable and static. I'm hoping to be able to get more of the unfinished wood mirrors. As often happens, I bought two as samples, and now I'm having trouble finding more. I won't go into the rant about why art supply stores can't stock what I need when I need it (awfully inefficient of them, and self-centered of me, I know!). I'll just think positively, and envision lots of them in the store when I go to buy more later this week.

Have a day of positive possibilities today.