Inspiration and Improvements

This weekend was a good one; among other things, I was able to decorate the studio with some of my favorite images to look at. I've done a wall of photographs from an old calendar: Women of the African Ark. If you're not familiar with this series, go here. Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher's photographs of the women of Africa are moving, beautiful, evocative and very engaging. I framed five of them, and hung them gallery-style. I love looking at and being inspired by them. I'm also enjoying my newest purchase: a batik, made in Mali by Theodore Shole, entitled "Three Races". Suspended from the ceiling, its deep browns, cinnamons and teals complement the colors around it, and I love the multi-hued women it depicts. The batik was an Ebay find, from a terrific seller called Hand it To You.

Another improvement is here at Blogger. Finally, we can post date blog entries. This will be great for when I know I'll be away, or too busy to post. Thanks, blogger!

Have a non-mundane Monday.