One of the things I love about doing shows is connecting with, or reconnecting with artists whose work I admire.
Art & Soul was no exception. I got to reconnect with Courtney Tomchick, a clay artist whose work resonates with me. We met for the first time last year, and I was glad to see her in Charlotte.
Unfortunately, she doesn't have a website, but here are some examples of her work.

The other very cool thing about doing shows with like-minded artists, is the practice of trading work. Courtney and I traded work; she loved one of my 12x12 clocks, and I love the "totem" shown here, hanging on a wall in my studio, which is the first wall piece specifically for the studio. Thanks, Courtney--'hope you enjoy your clock as much as I'm enjoying the totem.


tammy vitale said…
oooooh, yum! What gorgeous work and aren't you the luck totem owner?! She should so have some presence on the web!

Saw you over at Allyson's and thought I'd been away too long and should come say "hi." So "hi!"

Your booth at the Charlotte show looks great!
Hi Tammy, nice to see you again! Yes, I love the totem; it's even yummier in person. I agree, Courtney should have a website, and she'd have an interesting blog too, I bet.
Thanks for stopping by.