On Our Way...

To Art and Soul of South End, in Charlotte. Here are the show dates and hours:
April 26 & 27, 2008
Saturday: 10am - 7pm
Sunday: 10am - 5pm
The show is held on Camden Street, and is accessible by public transportation, which is new this year.

The car is packed, the ProPanels have been loaded onto the roof, the checklist's completed, and now we're just waiting for rush hour traffic between here and there to subside before we leave. I'm hopeful of a good show, if not good weather (I'm hopeful about that too, even in the face of predictions of thunder showers for both days). I also hope to see some repeat customers, or collectors of my work, as I should call them. I've used my publicity postcards again this year, offering a 20% discount off any purchase. I'm always excited when people actually remember to bring them! I think Alyson Stanfield would be proud of me for using my mailing list, and actually giving customers and potential customers value for signing up for that list! In fact, it's Alyson I have to thank for the ideas on marketing I've adopted, and for the Art Salon I've led for the past year. If you haven't checked out her fabulous art marketing site, do it now--you'll be glad you did if you've been looking for information and ideas about how to get the word out about your work.

Wish us luck, few raindrops and even fewer lightning bolts (!), and I'll let you know how it all went on Monday.


Delta said…
I love the new look of the blog! And I hate I missed the anniversary and giveaway too. I NEVER go 2 weeks without reading the blogs, but the last two have been....more than I could sum up in 6 words I think. Good luck in Charlotte. I know you'll do fine. Pays on the back to the hub for the beautiful job he did on the studio too.
BloggingQueen said…
Huirray and good luck! Wish I were somewhere in the vicinity to support you in person.

Michelle said…
Thanks, Delta! I hope you're back on even keel now--I do know what you mean about having indescribable weeks! Upon the suggestion of Lisa, the BloggingQueen, I'm going to have a 'Just Because' giveaway sometime soon; sort of a blogoversary do-over, sometime soon. Thanks for reading and commenting.
Michelle said…
Thanks, Lisa!
I'm off to blog about the weekend...(hint: it did go well.)