Not Quite What I'd Planned, personal version

I had hoped there would be a number of comments about my Blogoversary post and redesign on Saturday.

I had planned to announce the winner of the comment giveaway today.

There was only 1 comment, which means either no one else is reading, or no one else wanted to comment after reading.

Either way, it's not quite what I'd hoped or planned.


Molly said…
I read the post on Saturday, I read the post on Monday...

I made a mental note and then put on my soccer mom hat.

I have realized that if I don't do something right then or write it down, it never happened and doesn't exist.

I just wanted you to know, I do read-I am just a flake.
Michelle said…
Hi Mollly,
Thanks for your comment. No, you're not a flake, we all do exactly the same thing--maybe that means we're ALL flakes in one way or another!
Anyway, thanks again for posting; I truly do appreciate it.
zquilts said…
Ah heck !
I jus think it's Spring and people want to be outside - not as much traffic,in general, on blogs.

Love your work BTW - and thanks for your note about "what we call ourselves". I did not get many repsonses either ..... maybe folks don't have an opinion !!
Lori said…
Now, you know I'm reading ya (smile). I figured I'd let someone else win the prize since we already own several pieces of your work. No need to be greedy.

Of course, it goes without saying that PURPLE is my color (LOL).
BloggingQueen said…
Hey, I just found you! Don't stop now! The fun's just beginning!

I haven't gotten to my blogoversary yet, but I'm inching up on 100 posts and I'm surprised it's come so fast. (Shouldn't be; I like to talk.) We could have an "un-blogoversary"... like an un-birthday where you have a party whenever. How 'bout it?
Michelle said…
Great idea, Blogging Queen! It reminds me of what my sister and I call our 'un-iversaries,' which are the dates of our first weddings... we celebrate the fact we're no longer in them!
'Glad you found me, come back often.