"Wild" week to come

I'm teaching another week of track out camp, because between traditional school calendar's Spring Break, and year-round school calendar's track out, there are lots of kids needing something to do. I decided this week's theme would be 'African Safari,' so we can do some of my favorite drawing projects and crafts. Today was giraffes, tomorrow's zebras, the next day's toucans...you get the picture. It's 4 hours of fun each morning. Yes, it keeps me out of the studio, but I do at least get the afternoons to myself. Here's the polymer clay snake which didn't make it onto the bamboo bowl...'told you he'd show up somewhere!

On the application front; I did make the deadline for Artscape, Baltimore, and I'm working on the one for Piedmont Craftsmen. It turns out the deadline for that is 4/15, not tomorrow. The shots of the new work came out well, so I'm hopeful of having it accepted to Artscape. I've said I won't apply again if I don't get in this year (which would make two years in a row, after being accepted the first year I applied, in 2006)--we'll see what happens.

I'm now in pre-show mode; trying to assess what inventory I'll need to create. I usually enjoy this phase; it's when I make decisions about the new pieces to include, what to shelve, and it's when I start thinking about how the booth will look with the new pieces. Most of the time, I'm excited about the newest pieces I'm doing, and this year is no exception; the bamboo bowl wall hangings are it. I think they'll make a bold, graphic statement in the booth, and will draw people in (I hope!). I hope to have 5 completed by the end of the month, when I'll be in Charlotte for Art and Soul.

Off to create...have a marvel-filled Monday.


Sonji Hunt said…
Much luck on your applications to Piedmont. The work is lovely and they would be in fine company by welcoming you into their group.