Thursday Thirteen #27: Spring Cleaning: Throw it Out!

It's that time again, time to clean house literally and figuratively with the onset of Spring. Here's my list of things it's high time to get rid of:

1. Any piece of clothing you haven't worn in 2 years or more. Face it, you're not going to wear it. Give it away to someone who could use it, and look at it as a Shopping Opportunity!

2. Shoes which are really comfortable, and look that way. You know, the ones you've had since your children were toddlers...and they're now in high school? Yup, those are the ones...throw them OUT! Note: another Shopping Opportunity presents itself here, too!

3. At least half of what's in the kitchen "junk drawer". We all have one--take a look; I'm sure there's lots to get rid of. Who needs 400 twist ties, anyway?!

4. Plants which can't be revived, no matter what you do. Admit failure. Start over; it's Spring, after all...time for plants to grow, not droop.

5. Threadbare towels, washcloths, etc. It's time to get rid of them, or recycle them into cleaning cloths, which is the 'greener' solution. I'm told they make good dog beds, too.

6. Excess plastic bags from the supermarket. I know we're all supposed to be carrying our stylish, empty fabric bags into the store, and greenly carrying them out full of healthful foods, but if you're like me, you forget more than you remember. The resultant plastic bags pile up, and threaten to overtake the under sink area...take them back to the store for recycling--and don't forget the fabric bag for those few items you'll pick up while you're there!

7. Fingernail polishes which no longer move when you tilt the bottle. 'Nuff said about that.

8. Any make up brush which you can't recall purchasing. If it's been that long, it's got to go...they're supposed to be soft on your face, not prickly!

9. Magazines from years which begin with '1'. Something else to recycle--you'll be glad you did.

10. Telephone books. Who uses them nowadays, anyway?! But, in my area, they just keep delivering them. So much so, there are entire recycling locations devoted to just phone books--what a waste.

11. Whatever's cluttering up your car. Now, as a Virgo, I don't have clutter in my car, but if I did, now would be the time to get rid of it.

12. Paid bills, statements, etc. Get a shredder, and use it. Keeping all that paper forever is a pain, and not necessary, especially in the age of online payments and records.

13. All of those impulse-purchase food items in the fridge. No, you'll never use that boysenberry chutney you got, thinking blintzes would be a fun idea for a brunch, trust me. You won't.

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pjazzypar said…
Have a jar of jelly that has been in the refrigerator for over a year. I guess I had better dispose of it. I also have a problem with the bills, magazines, etc. I have to take action. Thanks for the reminder. Happy TT
Robin said…
Ummm, were you spying on me when you wrote 5 and 11? I am desperate for new towels, and let's not even talk about the car...
Dane Bramage said…
I have a simple philosophy regarding Fridge food. Wait until it achives life and sentience and let it move out on it's own. When that fails I pay my neice to clean out the fridge.

My Thursday Thirteen #73 is up! 13 What I SHould Have Said and What I Said Stop by if you get a chance.
Tiffany Aller said…
Awesome topic, and so timely! We have massive spring cleaning to accomplish before we can start on some home renovations, and your tips rock!

I especially like the supermarket bags - I have enough to start my own dang store at this point!!!!
I thought you had to keep bills,etc for taxes for at least 5 years. We've scanned everything then shred. Scan then shred! It works! But otherwise.... I don't think I have any of the things you're throwing out... scary.

Happy TT!
Anonymous said…
A great reminder. I've been doing some of this just about every day since we moved in October. It's amazing how much stuff one accumulates!
yertle said…
Great list! The car is gonna be a challenge for me. And the bills and paperwork. My office is crazy. I finally found bags I would remember. Chico Bags since they are small enough to go in your purse and have clips to attach to your bag also.
Nicholas said…
We keep our canvas bags in the car, so we don't forget them when we go to the supermarket. The sad thing about phone books is that paper recycling places don't want them because there is far too much ink on very thin paper, so they are not good for other uses. We have a shredder and anything remotely sensitive goes into it. The resultant strips make excellent padding when packaging thing sup for eBay.

If you want to see something interesting about the amount of plastic we throw away, and where it ends up, have a look at which is rather alarming.
Malcolm said…
I bought a shredder a couple of years ago and it was one of the best investments I made. Not only for space saving purposes, but shredders are great to have to prevent identity theft.

As for clothes I haven't worn in over 2 years, I will never get rid of my concert T-shirts. They may be faded, tattered, etc., but I can't let go of them, lol.
storyteller said…
Excellent list …
I've used canvas totes from Trader Joes for more than a decade ... keeping them in my car always for all kinds of shopping, so I don't have a 'stash' of old bags any longer ... gratefully.

I’ve been especially focused on ridding myself of ‘paper clutter’ lately and making regular use of my industrial grade shredder ;--)
Hugs and blessings,