The results are in...

For one of the new shows I've applied to for this year: the 53rd annual Boardwalk Art Show and Festival in Virginia Beach, VA. My work was not accepted. I've heard it's very difficult to break into this show, so I will keep it on my list for next year. The same organization, the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia, presents another show there in the fall, and I plan to apply to that one too. This is all part of the ongoing process of finding the right combination of date, venue, booth fee, promotion, and buying audience which makes it an excellent show for my work. I'm still searching, and I anticipate hearing soon about 4 more shows...'keeping fingers crossed--that works about as well as anything does after you've followed the directions, sent in your application fee, and let your fate be decided by a nameless, faceless jury. What a process! The disconnection is disconcerting, which is perhaps why I've gravitated to things which will restore a sense of connection.

One of these seems to be an exercise/dance class which suits me. This is no small feat, given my aversion to most organized forms of athletics (the last time I recall really enjoying sports was in elementary school relay races). The class is called Nia, which is described as "a personal growth, body-mind-spirit fitness program that uses The Body's Way to achieve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness and well-being." Wondering what Nia stands for, I discovered on the website it was once known as "non-impact aerobics" and "neuromuscular integrative action".

My own association with the word Nia is from the African American observance of Kwanzaa. Nia is the fifth day of the seven day celebration, and means "purpose". The name of the class resonated with me because of this association, and when I read more about the classes, I was intrigued. I found a class meeting nearby, and signed up. The first class was this morning, and while it will take a bit of time to get the hang of the sequences of movements, I feel I did well for a first timer. It felt good, and I can see once the movements become more natural, I will be able to 'go with the flow' of the mind-body-spirit connection. If this interests you too, see if there's a Nia class near you, and try it. Then, let me know what you think.