More of the New

I've been hard at work on a new clock design, as you can see here. The design was inspired by the shape of seed pods, perhaps because spring has sprung here in North Carolina. What you see here are the bases; I'll begin work on the polymer clay clock faces today. Each will have a black clay face, embellished with texture and PearlEx powders. That's the plan, at the moment. As always, plans can change...we'll see how they turn out.

I'm also working on getting my application ready for Artscape, Baltimore. The deadline's this weekend, and we have to shoot some of the new work for submission via Zapplication. I'm also planning to apply for exhibiting membership in Piedmont Craftsmen.
Take a look at their website for a wealth of visual delights! I'd be truly honored to be included among their group of artists.
That deadline's April 1, so I've got my proverbial work cut out for me.

More news to report: my work was accepted into the Piccolo Spoleto festival in Charleston, South Carolina! It's a new show for me, and I'm really looking forward to it. We've elected to do the first weekend, which is May 23--25, which is also Memorial Day weekend. I was thrilled to be accepted, and I hope it'll prove to be a good show, despite predictions of gloom and doom in this economic climate. Keeping fingers crossed and adjusting price points seems to be the way to go.

My "Blogoversary" is in 17 days! It's hard to believe a whole year has passed since I began Artventuring. To celebrate, and to say thanks to those of you who read Artventuring, I'll hold a comment contest on the Blogoversary day, which is April 12th. Everyone who comments on that day's post will be eligible to win a prize--to be determined in a later post...stay tuned!


Lori said…
I'm protesting in advance. I'll be out of town on that day. Shucks! (smile). Happy Blogoversary anyway.
Delta said…
WOW! I absolutely love the new clocks! And I may actually be able to see your stuff in person at the festival too. I'll be at Parris Island on the 23rd to see my 'spare son' graduate from Marine Corps boot camp and then a trip up to Greenville for a week to play in my friend's new art studio. Charleston would only add about 50 miles to the trip!
Michelle said…
Comments ABOUT the day's post will be considered for the contest, so once you return from your book signing, you're more than welcome to enter! Congrats on that, btw!

Great!! Please do stop by! I'd love to meet you "in person" too. We've never been to Charleston, so we're looking forward to all of it. Let me know as the time gets closer, so I'll know to look out for you.