Wearing my art teacher hat...

Which means I'm not getting much of my own work done. I'm filling in for this week's series of morning track-out art "camps" in addition to my usual drawing class on Wednesday. Though I protest, I do enjoy the combination art and craft projects I get to put together for the 4-hour camp sessions each day. The kids range in age from 5 to 9, and many of them have never taken drawing before. Being able to do a drawing project (where they follow along as I draw something, usually an animal), have them fully color it, then doing one or two craft projects on the same theme is great fun for me, and for them. Yesterday's drawing was a zebra and the craft project was an African-inspired watercolor painted paper mask (sound familiar?!). Today was giraffe day; we drew a cartoony giraffe, made paper sculpture giraffes in a habitat, and used grocery store paper wine bags to make giraffe puppets, while we listened to music from The Lion King. Tomorrow will be Chinese dragon day, and will include a clay dragon magic dust jar. Oh, what fun--we're all having a great time!

So, Ancestresses are relegated to the afternoon if I get to them at all, but I still get to be creative every day, and there's noting to complain about in that!

Have a creative day.


TammyVitale said...

clay dragon magic dust jar - oooooh. I love dragons: photos! photos!

Michelle said...

Unfortunately, we didn't get to take photos of the very cute, very cool clay sea serpents we made. I'd suggested dragon dust jars, but was voted down--they were right, the sea serpents were MUCH more fun!