Supporting American Craft

Fellow blogger Judy Dunn has a great idea: using the money we'll all receive from the federal government beginning in May of this year to buy American-produced craft. You'll see her pledge logo at left, and I encourage you to read her whole post here, then if you agree, adopt the pledge, copy and paste the logo onto your own site, then go shopping! What better way to "jump start the economy" than to support the work of fellow artists?

Don't know where to find art online? Try these venues:

Etsy: Billed as "your place to buy & sell all things handmade," you can literally get lost among the various categories (you can shop and search by color, category, and even location). Shameless self-promotion: my own Etsy shop is here.

Crafts Fair Online: "The Oldest And Largest Craft Directory On The Web," provides information and links about thousands of crafters. Organized by category, it's another place to visit with plenty of time to spare.

Electronic Cottage: Online gallery with links to artists' websites, where you purchase the work you like directly from them. Shameless self-promotion #2: my link is here, under mixed media.

Of course, these are only a few, and there's always the sites of artists you know. Close to home, seek out artists' co-ops, open studios, and art fairs in your area. If you make it a priority, and keep your eyes open, you'll find plenty of opportunities to keep your pledge.

Happy shopping.


Judy said…
Thanks for posting this on your blog! If we all take small steps to promote this idea, it might just make a difference.