In one of my first Artventuring posts, I talked about the phenomenon of not seeing or assimilating information which is literally right in front of you. It's funny how that happens with solutions to problems, too. I always say things happen when they're supposed to, and in my work, I've seen it proven time and time again.

Here's an excellent case in point: ever since I began creating the Ancestress Series shadow boxes, I've been unhappy with the fact that, since I buy them pre-assembled, made from unfinished wood, I'm unable to paint every surface. What's been especially frustrating is the area surrounding the glass; the light colored rim around the paper border, which I can't get to, no matter how hard I try. And, I did try, with not much success, to paint many of them. Finally, I decided to just let it go, knowing it was one of those details I stressed over but most people wouldn't even notice.

Then, I brought a shadow box in progress to my Art Salon meeting. I was having trouble with the surround; feeling like it was missing something, but not knowing how to fix it. The ever-resourceful Marley suggested coiled wire around the perimeter of the glass, which did look good but didn't feel exactly right for that piece. But that got me thinking about other materials I could use in that area of the box. From there I began working with my clay extruder (one of my very favorite tools) to make rounded and squared off strips, added some texture, brushed them with Pearl Ex powders, and voila, a solution is born!

No more annoying unfinished areas, now I have another opportunity to add texture, dimension and a bit of shine, too if I want. I'm so pleased with it that I'm looking to retrofit already completed shadow boxes which need it.

Everything I needed to find the solution was right in front of me all the time, but it took a confluence of events in just the right order, to make me see it, and to get it to all come together.