Thursday Thirteen #23: 13 Birds at my Feeder

I've been interested in birds since my mother bought me the book Birds Eat and Eat and Eat, when I was about 8. So of course, I have a bird feeder, and a hummingbird feeder in the summer. Here are the 13 kinds of birds I've seen and fed on my North Carolina back deck:

1. cardinal (the NC state bird)

2. junco (plump little black and white bird, below)

3. wren

4. chickadee

5. sparrow

6. bluebird

7. cowbird (bird with brown head, below)

8. mourning dove

9. goldfinch

10. titmouse

11. ruby-throated hummingbird

12. purple finch (bird with red head, below)

13. squirrel--oh, yeah, that's right, NOT a bird, but he eats more sunflower seeds than 12 of them combined, unless I chase him off first!

Happy TT!

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Nicholas said…
Cardinal birds are very attractive.

You can't blame Mr Squirrel from taking it where he finds it!
wow! these reminds me the quote "There is nothing in which the birds differ more from man than the way in which they can build and yet leave a landscape as it was before.... Happy TT! mine's up too..
What a fun list! I love the pictures. Boy, I know absolutely nothing about birds - so this is great fun. Our squirrels are so vicious that any food left out is food for squirrels. They are amazing too!

Happy TT!
I always say that I don't get PMS, but if this is the list of symptoms? I have it all the time! lol!

Great list! Happy TT!

On a Limb with Claudia
SJ Reidhead said…
I have a bird phobia. Crazy isn't it?

The Pink Flamingo
The cardinal is such a beautiful amazing!
Sandy Carlson said…
That book sounds intriguing. I love your photos. I think squirrels are awesome little shape changers!
Lori said…
I have an uncle with a bird phobia. It's so bad, if he spies a dead bird in the yard while he's cutting grass he has to come inside until someone goes out and removes it. And Good Lord, don't let him have to go down town, the pigeons freak him out (LOL).
How fun. We feed a ton of birds too, but I don't know what most of them are. Have a great TT. :)
The Gal Herself said…
Cardinals are *so* my favorites! They're beautiful and have a sense of birdie entitlement. Love the squirrel, too. (Thanks for visiting my TT);jsessionid=0000cK7UX90fEZ24QUMDjGIxytr:12hdhubrs?packageCode=SS04S021&sailDate=1080505&date=20082&selectedCurrencyCode=USD
Natalie said…
The purple finch should be called a red finch, wonder why it's named purple?

Neat that you see so many birds.
I've wondered that, too Natalie. Mine look like they dipped their heads in cranberry juice--not at all purple! Thanks for stopping by.
The Mama Bear said…
We don't get many birds yet with the winter snow. I need to get a bird book so we can start identifying what we do get in the yard.
I am never fast enough with my camera to catch the good the one that landed on the wreath the other day.

~ The Mama Bear
TT Participant @
Absolutely beautiful pictures!
ellen b. said…
What a wonderful TT! I love the little junco!
Joyismygoal said…
I have a bunch of those squirrel birds in my yard:>
storyteller said…
You're fortunate to have such a variety of birds in your yard. I'm particularly taken with #12, the colorful finch. I've got lots of sparrows, a few crows, and an occasional seagull or parrot … (there's quite an exotic bird population in So Cal beach communities because pets escape and breed ... a noisy group actually).
Hugs and blessings,