Thursday Thirteen #22: Anita Baker Songs I Want to Hear

My husband and I will be attending an Anita Baker concert this weekend. So, as with Stevie Wonder last year, here's my list of the 13 songs I'd like to hear her perform:

1. You Bring Me Joy

2. Good Love

3. Sweet Love

4. Caught Up in the Rapture

5. Same Old Love

6. Angel

7. You're the Best Thing Yet

8. You Belong to Me

9. Giving You the Best That I Got

10. Rhythm of Love

11. My Funny Valentine

12. The Look of Love

13. Body and Soul

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Great list!! Have a wonderful day!
Jenn said…
I love her voice! Great list.
jenn said…
Have fun at the concert.
Happy tt!
Bloggers said…
great list of great songs.
Michelle said…
Have a great time at the concert! Great list. Thanks for stopping by.
Tiffany Aller said…
GREAT list of songs - hope you have an awesome time at the concert!
Awesome list. I so love her. Have a great TT. :)
Harris Channing said…
I LOVE Anita Baker. I'm have to hear her now! :)

storyteller said…
I hope she sings them all and that you enjoy the concert.
Hugs and blessings,
Anita Baker has an amazing voice.

Hope it's in top shape at the show. Have fun!
Penelope Anne said…
Have fun at the concert, hope you get to hear all of these songs.
Lori said…
I dont think Ive ever heard her songs...of course, if I listened to them, I would probably find something that sounds familiar:) Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.
Lori said…
You all go to some really great shows! Love the list. Anita Baker is one of my favorites.
Nicholas said…
Well, I don't know who she is but I hope you enjoy the concert.